I worked in IT security and language interpreting and translation.

Now I build bridges from Tech to Non-Tech people and support you to reach new and unthought-of success levels.

If you want to upgrade your leadership style and inspire your peers and teams, get in touch with me.

"I enjoy working with people who want to challenge themselves and who understand the value of growth.

It’s maybe demanding to reach the next level, but what would happen to you if you’d reach it?"

- Philipp Effenberger


As certified counselor I offer business coaching for executives and start-up entrepreneurs.

Let's see what we can do to get you to your goal and keep the momentum afterward.

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As a corporate trainer I offer customized sessions in all areas of self-development, negotiation, presentation and NLP.

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Inspiring leadership

Together with Philip Auinger I offer my services in online courses tailored for young professionals.

If you are a leader or a future leader and want to inspire, then have a look on Unleash Your Talents.

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Hi, this is Philipp!

Certified counselor and corporate trainer, and at the core: empathic coach. Philipp found his passion in creating powerful, prosperous, and healthy mindsets. He does this by verifying, adjusting, and continuously improving –  online or offline.

He enjoys connecting theory & practice with experience. And as a former IT expert and translation studies graduate, he is used to bridging conflicting ideas to international audiences and distill unified actionable processes.

Philipp loves working with people who value the power of growth. That includes young professionals, experienced entrepreneurs, and seasons executives – he supports you in optimizing your mindset and getting that best version of yourself.