Is it a bad time to improve your leadership skills?

Then take this chance to improve yourself!

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You manage things –

you lead people.

Most leaders today forget the potential they can have and they waste away by merely managing people.

But there are exceptions – It's the leaders, who inspire, who reach the destination without losing anyone.

Let's learn from them! That's how you can grow and mature as leader and as expat in Vienna.

Leaders understand how

to set a focus for their team & themselves

to build a shared long-term vision everybody wants

to effectively evaluate the team state to adjust if necessary

Increase your performance by

learning hands-on tools to set and adjust goals

controlling flow states over extended periods

adjust your work environment to create ideal work conditions for your team

Then start inspiring others

by getting their needs straight and aligning them

by boosting them where they need it

by motivating your team professionally and with intention

What's this all about?

Many of us struggle when we experience poor leadership. Some even reported that uninspired, merely managing dull tasks drains all their motivation and aspirations.

But leading people is a fantastic opportunity to accept a calling and create what others need.

With the right tools, you can deal with any leadership challenges. And this online course will prep you up for exactly that. You will get tools to improve your mindset and rise to become an inspiring leader.

What do you cover?

We that is Philip and Philipp, cover all topics necessary to build a resilient and proactive leadership mindset:

  • Understand: Interpersonal tools to understand your team members and set meaningful goals for all
  • Perform: Set up the work environment for your team to automatically enter the powerful flow-states
  • Inspire: Get a systematic approach to create a stronger team bond and performance by giving the required inspiration to everyone

What do I get from you?

You will get valuable and tested know-how:

  • 2 experienced leaders from different fields (IT security and supply chain management)
  • 16 case studies, e-papers & worksheets
  • 50+ parts of the course of condensed experience
  • 130 minutes and more for the communication hungry
  • choose our desktop version or the mobile-friendly teachable app

And exclusive access to our course group on LinkedIn. There you can exchange lessons learned and experiences!

And what will I be able to do with what I learn?

You will be able to transfer your lessons-learned to your life directly

  • how-to apply neurological layers to boost yourself and others
  • how-to apply SMARTer and well-defined goals properly to strengthen your team's motivation
  • by using neurological brain hacks for (re-)framing
  • by learning how to boost your effectiveness with powerful flow states 

Even all of that by already working with your own data!

So, how can I inspire?

That's the central part of our course – inspiring! And that's our calling anyway! 

Read: you will learn how to inspire as a leader

  • by using the professional tools to assess your team situation
  • by reading your teams' state and boost team purposefully
  • by extending your experience in our exclusive LinkedIn group

We help you to make inspiration a skill of yours. You will master inspiration not as random luck but as a tool readily available to you.

Your instructors

Portrait Philipp Effenberger
Philipp Effenberger

Philipp experienced many different leadership cultures and now loves sharing the lessons learned.

He worked in corporate IT security, led an international HR department, and now coaches professionals – young and experienced.

Use his experience to assist your leadership career.

Portrait Philip Auinger
Philip Auinger

Philip Auinger comes from a family of teachers and it’s in his passion for sharing knowledge is in his DNA.

He gained 8 years of corporate supply chain experience as project manager and remote team leader of an international team.

Now, you can benefit from his knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions


How long will I have access to this course?

The Premium Edition of The Leadership mindset has life-long access. Learn, train and review again to your liking. The Basic and the Extended version have limited access for three months.

Is there a mobile learning client for The Leadership Mindset?

Yes, there is an iOS version! It offers streamlined access to the course and is intended as a complement to the desktop web app.


Can I postpone access, I have an urgent issue interrupting my focus to learn?

We offer life-long access in the premium edition, so there you don't need to worry. In all other cases contact us, we will do our best to find a solution.

How can I get a certificate?

The certificate is automatically included in the extended and premium version of The Leadership Mindset.


How do you choose your expert interviews?

We are in close contact with the people we interview and only choose those, who walk their talk. The interviews are included in the extended and premium version of The Leadership Mindset.

How can I get coaching for a specific situation?

You can get an individual coaching session in the premium edition of The Leadership Mindset. If you directly like to be coached or increase the number of sessions, just contact us.

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